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DGJ Academy was established to equip participants with essential skills for dynamic workforce demands.

We offer diverse, efficient training courses created and delivered by industry experts to maximize effectiveness.

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Innovative Training Programmes

DGJ Academy is proud to deliver cutting-edge training initiatives that cater to professionals across all stages of their careers within the built asset environment. As a premier standalone training provider, we extend a comprehensive selection of mentoring programs and instructional courses.

These programs have been duly accredited by globally recognized awarding institutions, further validating their quality and relevance

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Develop And Implement World-class Training

Originally, the courses offered by DGJ Academy were designed as an internal resource, providing on-site training for our team members. The primary goal was to enable them to continually enhance their professional skills throughout their tenure at DG Jones and Partners.

However, our vision for DGJ Academy has evolved significantly. In the present day, our strategic aim is to cultivate and roll out top-tier training services not just internally, but to external clients as well. This shift in focus aligns with the current market demands, fostering a culture of continuous learning, and aims to fill the identified skill gaps within the industry.

Value Amplified

The foundation of our training stems from our extensive and rich experience, coupled with our specialized understanding of the built asset environment. This wealth of practical knowledge we possess, accumulated over numerous years of being active in the industry, is used to thoroughly prepare and educate our trainees.

We also place a significant emphasis on our company's ethos, which is one of uncompromised professionalism and the highest standards of ethical behavior. These are not just platitudes we preach but fundamental values that we deeply believe in. We're convinced that instilling these values in our trainees is vital, as they will provide a solid foundation and guidance for their interactions and decisions in the workplace. More than just theoretical knowledge, we are preparing our trainees to face the real-world challenges they will encounter in today's rapidly evolving and highly competitive work environment.

In order to ensure the quality and relevance of our training, we have taken the decision to engage industry experts as our course deliverers. These are individuals who are not only highly qualified in their fields but also possess a wealth of hands-on experience. Through their involvement, we aim to provide an authentic, applicable, and insightful learning experience for our trainees, one that extends beyond the textbook and into the realm of practical, real-world understanding.

Management Training Academy - DG Jones & Partners

We provide training for organizations and for individuals, tailored to meet their specific needs – whether they are new entrants to the industry, developing skills to advance their career, or learning about emerging technologies. We’re also developing specialist courses in the oil and gas industries. And we’re partnering with universities to provide training and professional leadership development.

Training Services
Accredited Training

To ensure the quality of the material provided, DGJ Academy took the necessary steps to become accredited by international awarding bodies such as the Project Management Institute (PMI) to act as an Authorized training partner (ATP). In addition, DGJ Academy is accredited by Autodesk as Authorized Training Center (ATC) along with many popular topics among which are Asset Management, Design Management, and Facilities Management.

Onsite Training

Our training packages are provided in our network of country offices, as well as at the main DGJ Academy site. We also deliver training at clients’ own premises if required. In addition to onsite training facilities, DGJ Academy is also developing virtual training packages for those who wish to learn remotely.

Specialised Training Programmes

To serve the needs of specialized construction sectors, DGJ Academy has been working with the oil and gas industry to develop courses around their unique challenges. Courses include Managing Safety in Oil & Gas and Petroleum Study.

Management Training Academy
Course Topics

red quotes Project Management Professional (PMP) Exam Preparatory Course
red quotes Virtual Design in Construction (VDC)
red quotes Construction Law
red quotes Procurement Management
red quotes Cost Coding
red quotes Cost Control
red quotes Advanced Planning and Scheduling Professional (PSP)
red quotes Issue, Risk and Change Management
red quotes Health and Safety in Healthcare (OSHA)
red quotes Payments
red quotes Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) Exam Preparatory Course
red quotes Autodesk AutoCAD
red quotes Microsoft Power BI
red quotes Insurance
red quotes BIM ENABLERS
red quotes Revit
red quotes Document Control
red quotes Navisworks
red quotes Planning Theory
red quotes Planning and Scheduling Professional (PSP)
red quotes Health and Safety in Construction (OSHA)
red quotes Microsoft Excel
red quotes Professional Business English Writing Skills
red quotes Facilities Management
red quotes HRM Fundamentals & Practices
red quotes FIDIC/Contract Administration
red quotes Microsoft Teams
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