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Our suite of Management Services for Projects supports the client throughout the design and construction phases of a project, to deliver the right quality, to budget and on time. In addition to the core services of Project/ Programme Management, Design Management and Construction Management, we provide specialist services to ensure a successful outcome.

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Client’s Representative

When the client needs to delegate to an independent expert – perhaps because of time pressures or lack of project owner experience – the client’s Representative acts on their behalf to direct and manage the project.

Our Client’s Representatives provide leadership and coordination between the parties of the project team, on behalf of the client. As construction industry professionals, the client’s Representative must have a wide experience of the construction environment. Their independent role, acting as the client’s agent, enables them to integrate the work of specialist consultants and contractors, and to provide advice and guidance throughout each stage of the project from initiation to completion. We see this as a key service to clients, providing support with most of our core services including overseeing the tendering process, contracts and implementation. 
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Project/ Programme Management

Effective project/ programme management delivers the completed project to the required quality, to budget and on time. To achieve that goal, project/ programme management must be highly competent and experienced in every detail of planning, coordination and project control. 

Our Project/ Programme Management specialists have the experience and capability to lead and manage every aspect of a large-scale development, transforming the strategy and vision into realisable designs, and integrating all the workstreams that must be coordinated for a successful outcome. 

DG Jones and Partners has managed built asset projects for our clients all over the world, frequently in the most challenging environments. Our dedicated in-house project planners and cost consultants work together to ensure project success, on projects ranging from aerospace facilities to urban extensions, from traditional construction materials to state-of-the-art technology innovation.
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Development Management

In today’s fast-changing market conditions, developers look for experienced construction and development advisers to help them deliver viable projects.

We take a holistic approach to built asset development, integrating all aspects of development: financial, technical, legal, operational and organisational. Our development management teams have wide experience in delivering innovative solutions to the challenges for developers today: economically and environmentally sustainable facilities, adaptable to changing demands from end-users, improving the economic and social well-being of communities and ultimately adding value for project owners.
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Project Auditing

Whether at the Feasibility, Design or Construction phase the DG Jones and Partners auditing service gives investors the information they need to make sure their investment is on the right track. Speed, accuracy and reach are important features of this service, valued by clients. 

We review the project accounts, payables, dues, quantities, sales, sales projection, cash flows and risks to present a concise view of the situation at hand. This allows the client to make robust decisions that will help the project achieve the desired success. 
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Construction Management

The management of construction is the base of every project and is key to its success. The main purpose of construction management is to set, control and monitor the progress of a project in terms of quality, cost and time. It covers a wide range of responsibilities and spreads into many different fields. 

Our long experience in construction and project management enables us to consistently achieve optimum construction management. Our approach focuses on the critical success factors, which include setting clear objectives and scope; planning a large number of project parameters and selecting the right participants; optimising resource allocation; smooth coordination and monitoring of the entire process; and building effective communication channels to minimise project conflicts.
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Contract Administration

Modern construction has become increasingly specialised, detailed and sophisticated, for all types of built asset project. Mistakes in the procurement and administration of a client’s contract will cost both time and money – and may even damage company reputation – so it is essential to have access to competent and efficient contract administration.

Our teams of professionally qualified and independent experts will manage the contractual arrangements of even the most advanced contracts. We advise our clients of the contractual pitfalls and minimise their exposure to the risk of additional costs and time extensions. On a day-to-day level we undertake administration of the contract: certification of contract payments and commercial issues related to changes in the contract.
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Design Management

Design management involves a fully integrated design and engineering management process from project initiation right through to completion.

Our service starts by assisting our clients in the appointment of the most suitable design consultants, locally or internationally sourced, through a transparent tender process based on a client-centred scope of works, which is tailored for each project. This methodology guarantees that the right consultants are appointed with clear roles and responsibilities from the outset. With an eye on the client’s objectives and budgets, we set the design briefs and processes to establish and achieve project KPIs and targets.  

Our design management teams, with their diversified multi-disciplinary engineering and design backgrounds, aim through comprehensive design reviews and multiple integrated value engineering recommendations, to secure budget savings throughout the design phases up to the start of the construction works. Through daily management and coordination between the appointed design consultants, we expedite the completion of the designs and the early release of construction packages to meet any challenges in fast-track projects. Our early engagement on projects typically proves to be very beneficial to our partners/clients, and our ability to always mobilise a specialised bespoke team from our different offices is an advantage.
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Project Planning

In today’s highly time-driven construction environment, time is money to owners, contractors, and end users. Time delay implications, when projects are late, include loss in revenue, cash flow crunch, loss of clients/tenants, extended interest payments, and negative marketing impacts.  

Our project planning service keeps construction projects on schedule by preventing possible delays and by advising recovery plans in cases where delays occur. The aim is to ensure that the projected revenues of the project stakeholders are achieved. We also provide services related to Forensic Schedule Delay Analysis, which is an approach that we use to determine the root cause of project delays in assessing and evaluating construction delay claims. We use Critical Path Method (CPM) schedules, which are considered a valuable tool in managing construction operations and in assessing construction delay claims. 
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 Risk Management

Construction projects are becoming increasingly complex and innovative, which exposes clients to higher risks and means that effective risk management is crucial. 

We see risk management as a key factor for project success, and an essential element of project management. When performing project planning, our team performs both a qualitative and quantitative risk analysis to forecast risk probability and impact as accurately as possible. This approach reduces project uncertainty and enables robust responses for those risks that are likely to occur. 
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Solid Waste Management

About half of the solid waste generated worldwide is from building materials. There is an environmental impact of building material at every step of the building process — extraction of raw materials, processing, manufacturing, transportation, construction and finally disposal. Our solid waste management service aims to reduce the harmful impact of construction waste.

Waste management is the collection, transportation, processing, recycling or disposal, and monitoring of waste materials, and the recovery and quantifying of resources from the waste. DG Jones and Partners has built a specialist team to monitor and quantify the waste and recovered resources, which has been operating since 1994 and is currently assisting government authorities with their waste management needs.