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When construction claims and disputes arise, DG Jones and Partners can be relied on to provide world-class dispute resolution services to contractors and employers alike. We have built a reputation for impartial and independent professional advice on dispute resolution, to support our clients in reaching their goals.

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Claims Management

Claims are a normal occurrence in the construction industry and can occur at any tier in the supply chain, whether against owners/employers, contractors, subcontractors or suppliers. Claims also vary greatly in terms of complexity and value, depending on the specific project they relate to and its circumstances.

DG Jones and Partners has specialist skills and experience in the claims management field and can provide bespoke services tailored to the needs of every client (contractor or employer) and project. Whether it is claims preparation or defence, we offer clients a service that matches their needs and maximises their chances of success.
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Alternative Dispute Resolution Support

Even with the best contract administration practices in place, parties can still reach an impasse and disputes become inevitable. Construction contracts usually include multi-tiered procedures for dispute escalation involving various alternative dispute resolution processes, which may also be agreed by the parties after a contract is signed.

Having the right advice can make the difference between success and failure in dispute resolution. Our in-house claims experts have the knowledge and experience to provide the required guidance and technical support to clients or their legal teams at any stage of the alternative dispute resolution process.

Mediation and Conciliation
Mediation and conciliation are alternative dispute resolution processes where the parties agree to attempt to settle their disputes amicably with the assistance of a third party (mediator or conciliator).
Claims and disputes can place a strain on the relationships of the parties to a contract and lead to the deterioration of essential communication channels. Selection of the right mediator or conciliator who can restart the dialogue, directly or indirectly, can be the key to the successful resolution of potential conflict.
With long experience in the construction industry, DG Jones and Partners can nominate mediators and conciliators with the right experience to help parties navigate even the most complicated and difficult disputes.

A common principle underpins the various forms of adjudication procedures that exist worldwide. An independent adjudicator assesses the evidence presented by the parties in relation to a dispute and reaches a decision that is temporarily binding on the parties in a relatively short time, so as not to hinder progress.
DG Jones and Partners can provide professionally qualified personnel to serve as independent adjudicators or prepare submissions, and advise and support a client during adjudications, including Dispute Adjudication Boards.

Most standard forms of construction contracts call for the final resolution of disputes through arbitration, which is a very common means of resolving construction disputes with limited intervention by the competent courts. By following an appropriate strategy and the preparation of effective submissions, DG Jones and Partners can make the difference in properly conveying a party’s case to an arbitral tribunal, leading to a favorable award.
DG Jones and Partners employ specialized professionals with relevant technical qualifications and experience in local and international arbitration proceedings. We can support a client’s legal representatives by conducting extensive research into project records and contract documents, and preparing and presenting various submissions for arbitration proceedings.
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Dispute Avoidance

Robust contract administration practices and strategies in a construction project usually lead to timely and acceptable resolution of issues that arise and the avoidance of disputes.
DG Jones and Partners has many years of experience in managing and providing a variety of services on construction projects and in various roles. We can draw on this wealth of experience to advise clients on the strengths and weaknesses of their case and how and when it is best to avoid disputes, after reviewing their contractual and factual situations. DG Jones and Partners can recommend proactive and effective measures and strategies to maximise the chances of dispute avoidance.
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Dispute Adjudication Board

Some common standard forms of construction contract, such as FIDIC recent forms of contract, require a Dispute Adjudication Board (DAB) or Dispute Avoidance and Adjudication Board (DAAB) to decide on disputes for immediate implementation before further escalation. The provisions relating to DABs/DAABs are often removed by parties when drafting their contracts, but DG Jones and Partners usually advise clients to keep them, and we are seeing an upturn in their effective use and application.

DG Jones and Partners can nominate highly qualified and experienced personnel to sit on Dispute Adjudication Boards or to advise and support the members of already established boards.
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Litigation Support

Most construction cases that are escalated to litigation (and arbitration) relate to disputes over matters of facts rather than law. While an experienced and strong legal team is an essential element in the successful management of a case, having the right technical support from a consultant specialized and experienced in construction contracts and projects is indispensable.

DG Jones and Partners has extensive experience in working with legal counsel, gathering and analysis of evidence, compilation of evidence into workable formats, and simplification of complex concepts and relationships into clear and understandable presentations. This ensures that the key to successful litigation is achieved: full knowledge and understanding of the facts surrounding a dispute.

Our in-house experts can also assess the risk of pursuing particular heads of claims and will guide and assist clients in the process and preparation of statements of claim, defence, and counterclaims.
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Expert Witness

Expert witnesses have a duty to tribunals and courts to provide independent, unbiased, and impartial professional opinion and evidence to arbitrators and judges on a particular matter in dispute. Expert witnesses should have in-depth knowledge and experience of a specific subject area and are also expected to keep themselves up to date with relevant legislation, best practice, and standards.
With our global network of construction professionals trained and qualified in expert witnessing, DG Jones and Partners is well suited to provide a variety of expert witness services.

Quantum Experts
Quantum experts establish the quantum, or monetary value, of claims. The evidence they collect in support of claim calculations must be sufficient, reliable, and relevant in legal terms. The quantum expert has to identify, collect, review and manage relevant documentation and information and present them in a clear and effective report.
DG Jones and Partners’ quantum experts have extensive experience, with a long heritage rooted in quantity surveying and cost consulting. We can provide quantum expert witness services of the highest standards.

Planning Experts
Our planning experts have the necessary experience in managing programmes and preparing delay analyses on large-scale and prestigious projects. They can provide expert witness services on all matters relating to delay, planning, and disruption, and can prepare effective reports for onward submission and presentation to arbitral tribunals and judges.