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Our People

All our employees are professionally qualified, with multi-disciplinary skills and international experience. We are proud of our talented people, who make all the difference for our Clients.

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Professional people, multi-disciplinary expertise

We have always provided a high level of professional services to our clients, while maintaining transparency, integrity, and accountability. In our experience this can only be maintained by supporting our workforce of suitably qualified people, who are highly motivated and flexible in their approach.

Our people have backgrounds in a wide range of skills and disciplines, including project and construction managers, engineers, cost and commercial managers, construction specialists, claims experts, forensic analysts, innovative Nextgen, research and development, cloud and big data technologists, BIM experts, professional schedulers, human resources managers, finance experts and IT professionals. They hold accreditations relevant to their disciplines, from international institutions and organisations such as RICS, CIArb, CIOB, AIQS, Orders of Engineers, and PMP.

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International collaboration, local knowledge and experience

The DG Jones and Partners workforce operates as one centralized organization, strategically located in our country offices and project sites. This diversity brings benefits for our clients, because we can easily mobilize the right people with the right talent, whenever they are needed, and draw on local knowledge of specific projects. It is also beneficial for our people, enabling them to make good use of their multilingual skills and knowledge of local cultures, and at the same time they are acquiring international experience in a vast range of different types of projects.

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Taking an ethical approach in working with our staff

Sponsoring local trainees: At DG Jones and Partners, we are always looking to attract, develop, engage and retain the best local talent as graduates and interns. We encourage and sponsor these trainees to become RICS-accredited as part of their professional progress, and we offer them in-house training and guidance along their career paths.

We also sponsor students in Europe and other international locations. Seeking out and developing the best new graduates and interns is an important part of our business strategy. Fresh ideas and new insights from talented new people enable us to stay ahead in a fast-changing industry. Continuous professional development: Ongoing training and career development ensure that all our talented people can achieve their career goals and take advantage of new ways of working.

Our internal training programmes are long-established, and our DGJ Academy adds further value with the aim of developing today’s new graduates as the next generation of leaders. Diversity and opportunity for all: We believe that everyone in our company should have equal opportunities to succeed, regardless of their personal background, belief, gender, ethnicity, or nationality. We ensure that our workplaces are professional and supportive of all employees, encouraging them to develop their full potential. We celebrate diversity with more than 18 nationalities and their mix of different working cultures. We are proud of our record of high staff retention over the years: we aim to be a company that people want to work for, and where there is opportunity for all, whatever their background.

Board of Directors

All DG Jones and Partners Directors have extensive experience in the construction industry, in every sector, and in major projects worldwide. They bring leadership experience from diverse specialisms, with academic qualifications and professional membership of international accrediting bodies such as RICS, CIArb, CIOB, AIQS and PMP. They are experts in commercial practice and they have in-depth knowledge of their local markets as the managers of the DG Jones and Partners country offices.

We are proud of our company’s history of continuity and growth, enabled by the leadership of our Chairmen and their Boards of Directors. To date we have had only three Chairmen: our founder Donald G Jones, his successor George Younis, who built on firm foundations of the Company, and our current Chairman Joseph Psaroulla spearheading our expansion.