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Transitioning to Autodesk Construction Cloud - The New Evolution of BIM360 Docs

Course Description

Autodesk Docs is the core element of Autodesk’s Common Data Environment (CDE) platform. It enables stakeholders of all disciplines to centrally store, organize, and share project files, ensuring easy access to up-to-date information for all. Learning Autodesk Docs is crucial for effective project collaboration, as it helps streamline document workflows, improve communication therefore enhance productivity.

By mastering Autodesk’s cloud platforms, users can efficiently manage permissions, track document revisions, collaborate in real-time. This knowledge empowers individuals and teams to optimize their document management processes, increase efficiency, and ensure seamless project execution.


January 2024: 31
February 2024: 7, 21, 28
March 2024: 6
Time: 2:00 - 5:00 PM (Beirut Time)


Introduction to Autodesk Docs

Document Management in Autodesk Docs

Collaboration and Communication in Autodesk Docs

Document Control and Security in Autodesk Docs

Advanced Features and Best Practices in Autodesk Docs

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