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Facilities Management

Course Description

In our relentless pursuit of knowledge and professional growth, we are excited to introduce our latest addition to our repertoire: the Facilities Management workshop. This workshop aims to shed light on the multifaceted and essential realm of Facilities Management, which plays a crucial role in ensuring that a physical environment is optimally configured to meet an organization's unique needs and core functions.

Facilities Management is a discipline that encompasses the day-to-day operations necessary for maintaining and enhancing the functionality of a physical space. It is a fundamental component of any organization, as it directly impacts the efficiency, safety, and productivity of the workforce, regardless of the specific industry or sector. Whether we are dealing with a sprawling school district with facilities spread across multiple locations, a bustling manufacturing company operating within a vast production facility, or a sophisticated commercial office space renting out a single floor in a towering city skyscraper, the principles of Facilities Management are universally applicable.

At its core, this workshop is designed to equip participants with the knowledge and skills to craft a strategic Facilities Management plan that aligns with an organization's objectives. It also introduces participants to the essential tools and methodologies required to effectively manage and oversee the operations and maintenance of facilities. Additionally, the workshop delves into the critical aspect of measuring and managing facility performance, ensuring that the physical environment consistently meets or exceeds the organization's expectations and requirements.

Facilities Management is not limited to mere maintenance; it is a strategic and proactive approach to ensuring that an organization's physical assets are not only well-preserved but also leveraged to drive the organization's success.

Participants in this workshop can expect to gain a profound understanding of the principles and best practices in this field, enabling them to play a pivotal role in enhancing the operational efficiency and overall well-being of their organizations.



Upon completion of the course, participants will learn: 

  • The duties and responsibilities of the facility manager
  • How to develop and manage the strategic facility plan 
  • The tools needed to manage and oversee the operations and maintenance
  • How to manage the occupant services
  • How to measure and manage facility performance



The training topics will run as VILT (virtual instructor led training) via Microsoft Teams. 


January 2024: 11, 18, 25
February 2024: 1, 8, 15, 22, 29
Time: 2:00 - 5:00 PM (Beirut Time)


Navigating Facility Management: An Essential Introduction

Crafting a Comprehensive Facility Strategic Plan

Strategizing for Success: Building a Preventive Maintenance Business Plan

Smart Maintenance Strategy: Choosing the Right Approach

Analyzing Maintenance: Methods for Optimal Facility Performance

Enhancing Occupant Services: A Guide to Effective Management

Ensuring Occupant Satisfaction: Strategies for Success

Sealing the Deal: Crafting and Monitoring Service Contract Agreements

Performance Metrics for Peak Facility Management

Mastering Facility Operations: Best Practices for Success

Workplace Safety

Emergency Preparedness and Business Continuity Planning

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