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Issue, Risk and Change Management

Course Description

Issue, risk, and change management (IRC) is a holistic and robust process that forms the backbone of successful project management. It plays a pivotal role in ensuring that all facets of a project are judiciously monitored, controlled, and adapted to as necessary.

The primary objective of IRC management is to proactively identify, qualify, categorize, analyze, monitor, strategize, respond to, and resolve any potential risks and issues that may emerge throughout the course of a project. By doing so, it provides a firm foundation for the implementation of effective change management strategies as and when required.

This all-encompassing approach guarantees that any modifications, along with their repercussions on the project's scope, timeline, and budget, are diligently managed from the commencement of the project until its culmination. It fosters an environment where changes aren't merely reactionary but are instead handled with anticipation and foresight, thereby preventing any last-minute surprises or hiccups.

The integral nature of IRC management in project management cannot be overstated. It aids in not only delivering projects to the finish line successfully but also ensures that any emergent issues, risks, or changes are managed proactively and effectively. It establishes a strategic framework that helps navigate the oftentimes turbulent waters of project execution.

This workshop is meticulously designed to equip participants with an exhaustive understanding of the IRC management process. It delves into the array of tools and techniques required to efficiently manage issues, risks, and changes that surface during the course of a project. The training will underscore the significance of proactive planning and clear communication as vital ingredients in the recipe for successful project management.

This IRC workshop forms a part of a broader curriculum within the overarching commercial management function. By gaining mastery over IRC management, participants will be better equipped to steer their projects to success, regardless of the challenges that may arise along the way.




Understanding the importance of IRC management in project success
Developing knowledge and skills in IRC management
Learning best practices in IRC management
Improving communication and collaboration
Developing an IRC management plan
Applying IRC management tools and techniques




The workshop is intended for professionals who are involved in project management.




Group discussions 
Case studies
Role-playing exercises




The training topics will run as VILT (virtual instructor led training) via Microsoft Teams. 


August 2024: 20, 27
Time: 3:00-5:00 PM (Beirut Time)

Course Overview and Introduction
Foundational Concepts of Issue, Risk, and Change Management
Identifying and Classifying Issues, Risks, and Changes (IRC)
The Importance of Early Detection and Warning in IRC Management
Effective Strategies for Record Keeping in IRC Management
Techniques for Qualitative Analysis in IRC Management
Approaches to Quantitative Analysis in IRC Management
Appropriate Response Strategies in IRC Management
Principles of Monitoring and Control in IRC Management
Reflecting on Past Experiences for Improved IRC Management
Recapitulation and Key Insights for Effective IRC Management
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