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We are DG Jones and Partners, an international construction consultancy. For 60 years we have been supporting our clients in delivering outstanding built asset projects, adding value at every stage from project inception to completion. We have worked in more than 70 countries.

In 1962 our founder Donald G Jones started out with a vision to provide the world with a service that would give our clients cost-effective solutions to their construction needs. Professional staff would work together across a network of local offices to integrate their collective knowledge, providing clients with the best possible advice to meet their needs. The company would be independent, impartial, and bound by the highest standards of business ethics.

From that solid foundation, our company rapidly expanded worldwide, always diversifying and adapting to changing market demands. We now have a multi-disciplinary team with worldwide experience, working on projects in Africa, America, Asia, Europe, and Oceania.

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Independent, Impartial Advice Across the Project Lifecycle

We are totally independent of the supply chain, as our company is wholly owned by its employees. Our clients trust us to give impartial advice that is based on our in-depth knowledge of construction costs, contractors and local conditions. Our services support clients across a wide range of sectors and cover the whole project lifecycle: cost management consultancy, management services for projects, dispute resolution, in-use management, technical advisory services, and training services.

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Vision and Values For a Modern World

Our core vision and values are the same today as they were when we started our firm: operating our business impartially, professionally and with high standards of ethics. We have built on those values as we respond to a changing world, with additional focus on sustainability and diversity.

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Meeting Today’s Challenges

The construction sector has become increasingly specialised, detailed and sophisticated. Sustainability is now an essential consideration. The way we work is continually adapting to help our clients address new challenges. Our expertise, global experience and local knowledge of markets and conditions, together with continued collaboration with our professional teams around the globe, enable us to provide our clients with the support they need to achieve project success in today’s fast-changing world.

Our services cover the whole built asset lifecycle, starting from feasibility studies at project inception and concluding at the end of operational use and/ or disposal of the asset: cost management consultancy, management services for projects, dispute resolution, in-use management, technical advisory services, and training services.

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Projects at Every Scale: High Quality, On Time and On Budget

We have been involved in every type of high-profile project. For example, our projects include international airports and masterplans for islands and cities; state-of-the-art research universities and hospitals; luxury retail and residential developments; high-tech industrial facilities and government buildings; sports and leisure; and built asset projects for many other sectors.

We focus on providing added value to clients’ portfolios and minimizing risk by understanding exactly what they need – which means working collaboratively and transparently with our clients to gain the insights that bring results.

We have developed problem-solving tools and innovative solutions to optimize the three main elements of concern in every construction project: time, cost, and quality. Our aim is to make their projects exceptionally successful in terms of timely completion, cost-effectiveness, high quality, functionality, and economic maintenance.
Adding Value Across The Lifecycle
Strategic Planning
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Realistic assessment of project success
Project Preparation
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Reliable budgets and cost control, reducing risk, effective procurement
Project Execution
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On time, to required quality, within budget. Disputes avoided, contracts managed smoothly
Operational use
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Return on investment assured, sustainable and cost-effective operation of facilities
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Effective management of built asset portfolio, financial opportunities realised
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Global Knowledge, Local Focus

We are a global organisation, which enables us to deliver services that reflect our cultural understanding and wide experience of different local conditions to meet the specific needs of our clients and their unique projects. Our multi-cultural capability has allowed us to build long-term relationships, particularly as our local General Managers are long-term residents of the countries for which they are responsible.

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International Standards and Best Practice

We are regulated by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) and bound by its standards. We see international standards and best practices as essential for ensuring consistent high quality in the services we offer. Our accreditations include ISO 9001 (Quality Management), ISO 14001 (Environmental Management Systems), ISO 45001 (Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems), and specialised accreditations such as CIArb and PMP.

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Innovation and Technology Advances, Enhanced Service Offers

The construction industry is evolving rapidly, with new technology advances and changing expectations in response to external factors such as the rapid growth of cities. Technologies such as collaborative BIM design, 4D planning and visualisation, and even drones, are creating exciting new possibilities. We have embraced and adapted to these changes as they emerge, enabling us to provide enhanced services.

Our vision is to be the natural partner of choice for our clients in building a better world. We are proud of our track record in adding value for our clients to deliver outstanding results. We have established long-running relationships as trusted partners, collaborating to achieve sustainable outcomes from built assets. Our values guide us in all that we do.

Core Values
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Excellence and Competency

We meet and surpass the quality standards demanded by our clients. We aim to excel at the core competencies required for cost, time and quality control, and we strive for continued improvement.

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Ethics and Integrity

We conduct our business professionally and to the highest ethical standards. We are open and transparent in all our business relationships, and accountable for what we do.

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Our problem-solving approach enables us to be flexible and explore innovative ways of working together. We embrace new technologies that improve our service to clients.

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Commitment to People

We are committed to supporting and developing our talent, enabling everyone to achieve their full potential in our company. We are also committed to supporting the communities that we operate in, as part of our corporate social responsibility.

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Sustainability and Continuity

We take our responsibilities seriously in protecting the environment from harm and avoiding wasteful use of resources. We help our clients to achieve sustainable outcomes and we follow sustainable practices in our workplaces too.

We take our corporate social responsibility seriously and see it as integral to our core values: protecting the environment, engaging with local communities and taking an ethical approach in working with people: diversity and inclusion in all that we do.

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Protecting The Environment

At DG Jones and Partners, we have long understood the importance of sustainable practices to protect the environment from harm and to avoid wasteful use of resources.

For our clients, we are working in partnership with them to create buildings that are thoughtful in their design and use of materials, energy-efficient, and environmentally friendly.
We have GSAS and Estidama Pearl Rating System certification, and we are proud of the sustainability-certified projects we have helped to deliver under LEED, BREEAM, AABBE, CIBSEE, and ASHRAE certifications.

In our workplaces, we support the environment responsibly by using office materials more efficiently – for example, printing documents only when necessary, double-sided and black-and-white. We recycle paper, cans, and plastic. We also help to save energy in many ways, such as always switching off the lights and desktop computers when leaving the office.

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Philanthropy: Engaging With Local Communities

We have been fully engaged for a long time in the different communities where we operate in. We are working with a variety of organisations and groups in their local communities, with the aim of delivering exceptional results, feasible solutions, and innovative ideas for our staff and local communities, just as we do for our clients.

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