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Primavera P6 Essentials

Course Description

In today's dynamic business environment, effective project management stands as a cornerstone of success across industries. With the increasing demand for proficient project managers, staying abreast of industry-standard tools and methodologies is essential for professional growth and organizational success.

Our Primavera P6 course is meticulously curated to equip participants with the requisite tools and expertise to excel in project management utilizing Oracle's acclaimed project management software. Whether seasoned professionals seeking to augment their skill set or novices eager to embark on a career in project management, this course is tailored to cater to diverse learning needs.

Covering a comprehensive spectrum of topics, the Primavera P6 course delves into the intricacies of P6 data fundamentals, advanced scheduling techniques, and project plan optimization strategies. Participants will gain a holistic understanding of Primavera P6, from navigating its interface to crafting meticulous work breakdown structures, assigning roles and resources, and refining project schedules.



Develop a Work Breakdown Structure including defining roles, assigning roles, and resources
Estimate and optimize resources while understanding relevant data structures
Plan the project, add activities, utilize calendars, and establish relationships
Schedule the project and apply necessary constraints
Generate reports, interpret schedule data, and execute the project


June 2024: 20, 27
July 2024: 4, 11
Time: 2:00 - 5:00 PM (Beirut Time)


Understanding P6 Data

Enterprise Project Structure

Creating a Project

Creating a Work Breakdown Structure

Adding Activities

Creating Relationships


Assigning Constraints

Formatting Schedule Data


Assigning Resources and Cost Loading 

Assigning Resources

Optimizing the Project Plan

Baselining the Project Plan

Project Execution and Control

Reporting Performance

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