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What We Do

From the beginning to the end of the built asset lifecyle – from strategic definition, design and construction to handover and in-use management– DG Jones and Partners provides a comprehensive suite of integrated services.

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Cost Management Consultancy

Clients require reliable project cost data for a wide array of functions including, without limitation: budgeting for new buildings, tendering and requests for proposals, controlling costs during project execution, and planning and monitoring operational costs of a facility. Our cost management services provide clients with accurate lifecycle cost assessment from project inception to completion and operations, thus enabling them to make sound financial and contractual decisions.


Management Services

Our suite of Management Services for Projects supports the client throughout the design and construction phases of a project, to deliver the right quality, to budget and on time. In addition to the core services of Project/ Programme Management, Design Management and Construction Management, we provide specialist services to ensure a successful outcome.


Dispute Resolution

When construction claims and disputes arise, DG Jones and Partners can be relied on to provide world-class dispute resolution services to contractors and employers alike. We have built a reputation for impartial and independent professional advice on dispute resolution, to support our clients in reaching their goals.


In-use Management

For facilities with a design life expectancy of 50 years the FM cost expended by building owners may reach up to 85% of the building’s life cycle cost. Hence, the key operational decisions need to be made at the start of the project – not at its completion. DG Jones and Partners can advise on every aspect of Facilities Management, from the earliest concept stages through to disposal. 


Technical Advisory

The construction industry has evolved at a rapid pace in recent years, due to technological breakthroughs, changing expectations in society for built assets, and increasing contractual complexity. We have developed our specialist technical advisory services to support our clients in addressing the challenges and opportunities in today’s construction environment.


Training : DGJ Academy

We strive to provide training courses in numerous forms to maximize our efficiency and relay the needed information in a concise and productive manner. In order to ensure the training courses are prevalent in the industry, we work with established members to create and deliver the training materials based on their extensive experience within the sector.

We focus on providing added value to clients’ portfolios and minimizing risk by understanding exactly what they need – which means working collaboratively and transparently with our clients to gain the insights that bring results.
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Established in 1962. International construction consultants with experience in more than 70 countries.