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The construction industry has evolved at a rapid pace in recent years, due to technological breakthroughs, changing expectations in society for built assets, and increasing contractual complexity. We have developed our specialist technical advisory services to support our clients in addressing the challenges and opportunities in today’s construction environment.

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Building Information Modelling (BIM)

As the construction industry heads into the future, dynamically shifting to accommodate the impact of technological advancement, DG Jones and Partners is at the forefront of harnessing this innovation and incorporating it into our core business.

Building Information Modelling (BIM) is a process that revolves around party collaboration, with technology and information sharing at its core. The BIM Framework enables us to make better-informed decisions at the earlier stages of the project and subsequently provide more value to our clients.

Our BIM department comprises industry experts from a wide range of backgrounds who are dedicated to providing professional BIM services. These include implementation, consulting, and support to firms that are planning to implement or are already using BIM.

As DG Jones and Partners operates in a wide range of construction sectors, we have collated our extensive experience in the business to deliver 3D, 4D, 5D up to 7D BIM at any project stage. With our project-tailored BIM processes, we enable our clients to exploit the BIM benefits over the lifecycle of their projects.
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Loan Monitoring

Many organizations invest in or provide finance for built asset developments. They need independent professional advice in understanding their risk exposure throughout the term of their loan.

Our loan monitoring surveyors provide lenders with the assurance that their decisions are fully informed and the technical risks are being managed appropriately. These professional advisers understand the technical risks associated with the procurement process, including the structure and delivery of a project, and can provide advice on the borrower’s risk management approach.

With our specialist expertise and wide experience in delivering built asset developments, DG Jones and Partners is ideally placed to provide an independent loan monitoring service.
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Condition Surveys

Built asset owners require clear unambiguous records of the condition of a property, whether purchasing, renewing a lease, or refurbishing. 

A condition survey provides owners with a comprehensive assessment of the physical condition of a building. It is a useful ‘snapshot’ report on the physical state of a property, providing advice on its condition and suitability for occupation and investment. Typically, a condition survey includes structural, mechanical, utilities, roofing, fire protection, and safety, among other key elements. 

With our specialist expertise, DG Jones and Partners can provide condition surveys for all types of built assets.
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Property Valuations for Insurance

We conduct independent third-party valuations of existing or under development properties using the cost approach for insurance coverage purposes. Our methodologies include reinstatement cost (rebuilding or repairing damaged properties new or old) or indemnity value/depreciated replacement cost (rebuilding or repairing properties to the same condition as before damage).

We provide these services to property owners, investors, insurance companies, and investment management companies for a variety of projects, including real estate projects for sale, income-producing properties, mixed-use real estate projects, mega-projects (economic cities, environment-friendly complexes), hospitality projects such as hotels, resorts and touristic developments and infrastructure developments.
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Property Valuations for Investment or Sale Purposes

We conduct independent third-party valuations of potential, existing or under-development properties using the income and market (comparables) approaches for investment or sale purposes. Our methodologies include DCF, multiples/capitalisation of maintainable earnings, comparable properties or transactions and residual land valuation, among others.
We aim to optimise investment performance for our numerous clients including individual or institutional property owners and investors, investment management companies, investment vehicles and financial institutions.
We advise on and support in the implementation of optimal investment and financial structures to maximise investment returns for shareholders in potential, existing or under development properties. 
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Value Engineering

Value engineering enables project teams to identify opportunities to improve performance, resolve design problems and reduce costs, without compromising quality. The key is to start the process early, where the largest benefits can be achieved.

With our specialised expertise in the built environment, we advise project teams on value engineering throughout the whole project. We focus on early consideration of design, constructability, and efficient maintenance. Our approach helps to achieve improved quality, reduced environmental impact, and reduced cost.