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Planning and Scheduling Professional (PSP)

Course Description

PSP is an AACE certification that distinguishes the planning and scheduling professional with high-quality standard of knowledge and skills. The program is designed to identify professionals who meet a demanding set of planning and scheduling benchmark by a thorough education, experience, and examination qualifications. 

This course is designed for candidates who are interested in planning and scheduling career and a corner stone for the forensic planning career.



  • Understanding the planning process, concepts, stages, and requirements.
  • Enhance effective communication and report writings to establish correct reporting skills.
  • Understanding the Planning inputs, outputs, and deliverables.
  • Recognition of the various scheduling methods, common errors, and best practice.
  • Schedule maintenance, progress controls, and change management.
  • Introduction to the basics of delay analysis.
  • Prepare attendees for certification exam
  • Introduction, terminologies, and written communication
  • Planning basic concepts / techniques
  • Scheduling techniques / development
  • Risk analysis & network analysis
  • Delay analysis
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