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Mastering Project Planning and Scheduling: A Professional's Guide

Course Description

The Planning & Scheduling Professional (PSP) is a prestigious certification offered by the Association for the Advancement of Cost Engineering (AACE). This certification serves as a mark of distinction for planning and scheduling professionals, denoting their adherence to a high-quality standard of knowledge and proficiency in the field. The PSP certification is curated to recognize professionals who satisfy a rigorous set of planning and scheduling criteria, demonstrated through a comprehensive blend of education, experience, and examination qualifications.

The PSP certification course is meticulously designed to cater to individuals who harbor an interest in a career in planning and scheduling. It serves as an ideal launching pad for those aspiring to forge a pathway into this field, offering an in-depth understanding of the principles and practices of project planning and scheduling.

Moreover, the PSP course serves as a cornerstone for those interested in a career in forensic planning. It offers aspirants the opportunity to delve into the intricacies of project scheduling, delays, and disruption analysis, thereby equipping them with the tools necessary to assess and resolve complex project issues.

By the end of the course, candidates will possess a robust understanding of the planning and scheduling domain, thus preparing them for successful careers in project management and forensic planning. They will also be equipped to sit for the PSP certification exam, thereby paving the way for recognition as professionals of exceptional caliber in the planning and scheduling field.




Understanding the planning process, concepts, stages, and requirements. 
Enhance effective communication and report writings to establish correct reporting skills.
Understanding the Planning inputs, outputs, and deliverables.
Recognition of the various scheduling methods, common errors, and best practice. 
Schedule maintenance, progress controls, and change management.
Introduction to the basics of delay analysis.
Prepare attendees for certification exam




This course is designed for candidates who are interested in planning and scheduling career and a corner stone for the forensic planning career. 




This is an interactive in-depth course for planning and scheduling various aspect; and it will be delivered through MS Teams presentations. 
There will be weekly Home quizzes & is important for successful completion of this workshop. 


Introduction, Terminologies, and Effective Written Communication in Project Planning and Scheduling

Mastering the Basic Concepts and Techniques of Project Planning

Advanced Techniques and Best Practices for Project Scheduling and Development

Risk Analysis and Mitigation Strategies in Project Planning and Scheduling

Network Analysis and Critical Path Method for Efficient Project Management

Delay Analysis: Identifying and Resolving Project Delays for Successful Completion

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