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Project name
Qasr Al Watan
Abu Dhabi - UAE
MOPA / Wilson Associates
Type of Services provided
Cost Management Consultancy
Project Timeline
Status Completed
Start Date Jul. 2013
Completion Date Jun. 2017

Nestled within the expansive grounds of the United Arab Emirates' Presidential Palace compound, Qasr Al Watan is a monumental edifice that stretches over 380,000 square meters. Its construction, which spanned from 2010 to 2017, is a testament to architectural grandeur and meticulous craftsmanship. The palace is adorned with over one million square meters of intricate stonework and 22,000 cubic meters of decorative elements that draw inspiration from the opulent Mughal era, showcasing an unparalleled level of detail and artistry.

Originally, Qasr Al Watan served a highly prestigious and functional role, designed to accommodate visiting foreign dignitaries and to provide a venue for meetings of the supreme council and the federal cabinet. This underscored its significance not only as a physical structure but also as a pivotal location for diplomatic and governmental activities within the UAE.

In a landmark decision in 2019, Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, along with Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, made the visionary choice to open the doors of Qasr Al Watan to the public. This move was aimed at sharing the rich cultural heritage and artistic achievements of the UAE with the world, thereby elevating Qasr Al Watan to a global symbol of art, culture, and architectural excellence. This transition marked a new chapter in the palace's history, transforming it from a private governmental facility into a beacon of cultural diplomacy and openness.

The construction and development of Qasr Al Watan were the result of collaborative efforts involving multiple firms, highlighting the project's complexity and the need for specialized expertise. A notable phase of this collaboration occurred from July 2013 to June 2017, during which DG Jones and Partners played a crucial role. The firm seconded two of its staff members to work with Wilson Associates, focusing their expertise on Post-Contract Cost Control Services. Their responsibilities were particularly centered around the interior fit-outs of the Vice President Wing and the Crown Prince Wing, ensuring that these critical components of the palace were executed to the highest standards of quality and elegance. This work took place on the picturesque Ras Al Akhdar peninsula in Abu Dhabi, further adding to the project's prestige and significance.