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GEWAN Island

The biggest real estate project site in Qatar located at the north-western part of the Pearl Island, Gewan Island (previously known as Al Mourjan Island).

Project name
GEWAN Island
Doha - Qatar
United Development Company (UDC)
Type of Services provided
Cost Management Consultancy
Project Timeline
Status Completed
Start Date 2018
Completion Date 2019

Situated in the north-western sector of the renowned Pearl Island, Gewan Island, previously identified as Al Mourjan Island, stands out as one of the most ambitious and grand real estate endeavors in Qatar. Covering an expansive gross area of around 400,000 m2, this colossal project site is a testament to Qatar's architectural vision and its commitment to luxury and innovation.

Gewan Island is not just any ordinary development; it is an epitome of luxury and convenience, conceptualized to serve as a mixed-use venture. Its landscape is punctuated with a blend of residential spaces, leisure and entertainment amenities, boutique retail shops, upscale dining restaurants, and cozy cafes. All these elements come together to foster a community that radiates modernity, vibrancy, and sophistication.

Diving deeper into the residential offerings of Gewan Island, it boasts an impressive portfolio of 657 residential properties. This includes a selection of 586 state-of-the-art apartments, 21 lavish beachfront villas that come with their private stretches of beach, and 26 premium waterfront villas. These waterfront villas are especially unique as they are equipped with private pontoons, designed exclusively for residents with private boats. Additionally, there are 6 opulent independent island mansions that stand as architectural marvels. Commercially, the island promises approximately 11,000 sqm of retail spaces, further complemented by 15 multi-functional buildings that can cater to a myriad of businesses and activities.

But the luxury doesn't end there. For those passionate about golf, Gewan Island has laid out a pristine golf course, which is accompanied by a five-star hotel. This hotel promises guests unparalleled luxury with its range of top-tier amenities and an adjoining upscale beach club. Making movement comfortable and luxurious, the island has an air-conditioned 'Crystal Walkway' and a scenic 'Promenade' lining the seaside. Residents and visitors can also find solace and recreation in the meticulously landscaped parks, verdant green zones, assorted entertainment venues, an exclusive clubhouse, and a sacred mosque for spiritual reflection.

The Built-Up Area (BUA) of the project stretches over approximately 167,802m². Beyond the primary structures, the project also encompasses Marine Works, Infrastructure, Landscaping efforts, an expansive Basement area measuring around 71,014 m², and plans for a golf course, further solidifying its position as a landmark development in the region.