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General manager: Tony Abboud
The Beirut office was opened in 1962 and has operated continuously since then. We opened our Brummana office in 1981, to accommodate the expanding business in our Beirut office. Now our services are split so that generally our Beirut office provides project management services and our Brummana office provides cost management services.

We have been involved in many of the major projects that have shaped Lebanon, and with such a wealth of experience, resources, and data available to us we can offer an unrivaled service.

We operate within all sectors of the construction industry either as an independent consultant or as part of an integrated team. The practice works for a wide client base, which includes the various ministries, educational institutions, private investors, hotel companies, financial institutions, and other foreign companies. Over the years we have developed an extensive knowledge base of the local market and conditions.

Currently, the office employs over 100 professionals led by a management team of six directors who have expertise across all sectors. Additionally, it can call upon resources from the whole of the Group as and when required.

ISO 9001 Quality Management