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Saudi Arabia

General manager: Sami Younis , Board Director
The KSA Offices were established in 1978 as a sponsorship, and registered as a foreign investment company (SAGIA) in 2016. We are well known across the kingdom, and have also been registered and certified by many ministries, governmental authorities, holding companies, consulting firms, and contractors. 

Our first office in the Kingdom was opened in Riyadh. Since then we have been involved in projects across the Kingdom and expanded our presence to the Western region.

Our new services include the BIM-5D system, development management, and design, where we lead consortium companies with well-known international companies, each of which is specialized in a specific field to ensure the success of the project.

ISO 9001 Quality Management
ISO 14001 Environmental Management
ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety Assessment

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3rd Floor, Al Rawsheh Building, 
Prince Saud Al Faisal Street
Al Khalidiyah District
P.O.Box 20106
Jeddah 23423, KSA

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4th Floor, Talal Abou Ghazali Building, 
Al-Arz Street, Olaya 
PO Box 58867
Riyadh 11515, KSA