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Industry Veteran Sami Younis to Head New DG Jones KSA Regional Headquarters

The Construction Management Leader Expands Its 62-Year Tradition of Excellence in the MENA Region

Industry Veteran Sami Younis to Head New DG Jones KSA Regional Headquarters

ribbon cutting ceremony at the new DG Jones & Partners KSA RHQ

DG Jones and Partners is pleased to announce the opening of their new regional headquarters (RHQ) in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Throughout its inaugural months, the office will be led by 47-year DGJ veteran Sami Younis, who has extensive experience on megaprojects in Saudi Arabia and around the MENA region. 

Having established themselves as a respected construction management leader across the MENA region since 1962, DG Jones began Saudi operations in 1978. The office was registered as a foreign investment company (SAGIA) in 2016 and now boasts over 160 professionals. 

“For lasting success, stamina is the name of the game,” Mr. Younis says. “Whether it’s making it through the desert heat on a construction site or seeing through a megaproject from start to finish, you have to maintain focus at all times.” 

While the firm has been involved in many significant projects in the KSA before, including the King Khalid International Airport Integrated Logistics Bonded Zone and the surrounding economic zone, the opening of an official regional headquarters demonstrates the firm’s ongoing commitment to supporting the region’s development. 

In addition to the groundbreaking projects already underway, Saudi Arabia has expanded the scope of their development in many of the country’s regions. From visionary megaprojects for the world-leading NEOM initiative to the Kingdom’s “Vision 2030” initiative and upcoming World Expo, the construction industry in Saudi Arabia is rich with opportunity. But for DG Jones and Partners, opening a regional headquarters is more than just a way of displaying intent — it’s a savvy business move.

Driven by the Kingdom’s exceptional recent economic growth, the official RHQ Program is a joint initiative by the Saudi Ministry of Investment (MISA) and the Royal Commission for Riyadh City (RCRC). Participation brings a number of benefits, including financial incentives, reduced staffing costs (through legal exemptions), and simplified operations and talent acquisition. It also opens the door to exclusive business opportunities within the Kingdom. 

Discussing the future of the firm’s KSA operations, Mr. Younis notes that the potential inherent to the Kingdom’s growth should not completely overshadow the deep value he sees in the connections that DG Jones has built throughout their presence in the country. 

“I see the contacts I have made as my friends, and [I see] my colleagues as my extended family,” he says. “At DG Jones, we have a very close culture of collaboration and connection with all of our team members, and after 47 years, I look forward to staying in touch with everyone I have met during my time in Saudi Arabia and around the world.” 

With over six decades of leading excellence in the construction industry, the team at DG Jones and Partners understands the transformative power of investing in relationships and producing construction management expertise. Services offered by the firm’s KSA office include the BIM-5D system, development management, and design. DG Jones leads consortiums with well-known international companies, each of which specializes in a specific field to ensure the success of the project. 

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