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KKIA Integrated Logistics Bonded Zone (ILBZ) Phase I

Project name
KKIA Integrated Logistics Bonded Zone (ILBZ) Phase I
Riyadh - KSA
General Authority for Civil Aviation (GACA)
Type of Services provided
Management Services
Project Timeline
Status Completed
Start Date 2019
Completion Date 2021
Overall value
5,000,000,000 SAR

The Project consists of the design and development of King Khalid International Airport (KKIA) Integrated Logistics Bonded Zone (ILBZ) Concept Masterplan and Infrastructure Design. Requested by GACA, the project began in 2018. The site is in the vicinity of KKIA, North-East of Riyadh City, with a built-up area of 2,200,000 sqm. The Masterplan includes multi-sectional facilities, including product inventory, maintenance, development, light assembly, and re-packaging of consumer products. The Zone should cover trade and commerce, import and export of these products.

Furthermore, the Masterplan should devise a dedicated area inside the Zone for a waste recycling facility and include all ancillary components and supporting functions needed to render this Zone a self-sustained, vibrant, dynamic city supported by a state-of-the-art physical, social, and economic infrastructure. ILBZ will enable the Kingdom to become a regional, and eventually global logistics hub, playing an increasingly central role in world trade