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Beirut's CMA-CGM Headquarters Rebuilt

by Wissam Chekiye
Director Lebanon

We're thrilled to unveil the newly reconstructed CMA-CGM Headquarters in Beirut, a symbol of hope and perseverance after its devastating damage from the Beirut Port explosion on August 4, 2020.

In the face of adversity — from the harrowing impact of the Beirut explosion, the persistent challenges of COVID-19, international port closures, labor shortages, and Lebanon's financial and political crises — the Saade family resolved to rebuild their central office. They set an ambitious target, aiming to inaugurate the building by August 4, 2021, a year after the calamity.

Many perceived this mission as an uphill task. The global pandemic, coupled with local economic downturns, currency devaluation, capital controls, and political unrest, created a challenging backdrop for construction endeavors.

Nevertheless, embracing the spirit of resilience, we confronted these obstacles head-on. Our dedication and tireless efforts ensured the construction project's triumphant and punctual completion. Special recognition goes to Walid Karam and Khaled Chahla, whose unparalleled commitment and expertise played a pivotal role in this significant achievement. The DGJ-Lebanon office stands proud of this accomplishment, shining brightly in these challenging global times.