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Sama Beirut

An iconic high-rise building, located on a 5,220 m2 plot of land in Beirut – Lebanon.

Project name
Sama Beirut
Beirut - Lebanon
Antonios Projects
Type of Services provided
Cost Management Consultancy
Management Services
Project Timeline
Status Completed
Start Date 2008
Completion Date 2018
Overall value
US$ 110,000,000

An iconic high-rise building, with a fully glazed unitized curtain wall, Sama Beirut is located on a 5,220 m2 plot of land in Beirut – Lebanon. The building is a mixed-use development stretching 52 stories high, containing retail spaces on the ground floor, and commercial and residential units on the upper floors. It has a footprint of 1,050 m² and is positioned in the center of the plot, and the remaining areas of the plot are reserved for landscaping and water features. The project also contains 6 underground floors dedicated to car parks, technical areas, and other utilities and facilities. With a sustainable design, the building is composed of a reinforced concrete frame and the façade is completely enclosed with a glazed unitized curtain wall system. The total built-up area is 80,000 m2.

DG Jones and PArtners managed to complete the project with all the design and delay issues within the budget.