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Project name
First National Bank Headquarters
Beirut - Lebanon
Type of Services provided
Cost Management Consultancy
Management Services
Project Timeline
Status Completed
Start Date 2015
Completion Date 2019
Overall value

The First National Bank, a major financial institution in Lebanon, embarked on an ambitious project to construct their new headquarters. The management of this intricate project, including a complex thirty-six-meter deep excavation and shoring activity, was entrusted to D. G. Jones & Partners. Renowned architect Raed AbiLama, chosen through a competitive selection process, oversaw the technical aspects and supervised architectural and interior design details throughout the construction phase. The MEP design was handled by Wissam Tawil & Associate, while the structural aspects were designed by PAR.

The construction featured two separate buildings above ground level, unified by a shared basement structure. This basement comprised eight levels, designated for various purposes such as a data center, vault, parking, technical rooms, storage, and water tanks. The superstructure included a landscaped ground floor, a mezzanine, eleven office floors, and a rooftop space designed for executive dining. The ground floor serves as a bank branch for customer transactions, with the remaining floors housing management offices, boardrooms, and the chairman's suite on the top floor. The building stands out for its advanced security, building management systems, and high-end architectural and interior design specifications.