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PMO Contract Renewal

by Dr. Shadi Alfar Director - Mega Projects Department DG Jones and Partners - KSA

We are absolutely delighted and honored to share that DG Jones and Partners has once again demonstrated its leadership as a premier consultancy with the renewal of the ILBZ PMO Contract for the year 2022, effective from 20th December 2021.

This extraordinary accomplishment is a testament to the relentless effort, exceptional teamwork, and unwavering dedication of our team. Their remarkable and proactive approach has resulted in this esteemed recognition. The team was expertly guided under the leadership of Mr. Bassem Samaha, and steadfastly supported by Mr. Mario Mokbel in the back-office.

Showcasing a world-class level of business excellence, and securing the approval of fourteen GACA and Matarat Board Members on the contract renewal in less than a month is a commendable achievement. We extend our heartfelt congratulations to each and every team member who played a part in this glorious success, which has significantly bolstered the company's portfolio.