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PMO Contract Renewal

by Dr. Shadi Alfar Director - Mega Projects Department DG Jones and Partners - KSA

It is with immense pleasure and pride we announce that DG Jones and Partners has once again successfully left an imprint as a leading consultancy when the ILBZ PMO Contract was renewed for the year 2022 on 20th December 2021.

Such an exceptional achievement was realized first and foremostly through the tireless efforts and outstanding teamwork of a dedicated workforce, whose impressive and dynamic approach has yielded this accolade. A team brilliantly led by Mr. Bassem Samaha, and with the sturdy back-office support of Mr. Mario Mokbel.

A world-class of business excellence, Earning and obtaining the approval of fourteen GACA and Matarat Board Members on the Contract renewal in under a month is no mean feat and worthy of applause. Sincerest congratulations to each and every team member who contributed to this magnificent success, which has further boosted the company’s portfolio.