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Project name
Suez Canal – Ismailia Tunnels
Ismailia - Egypt
Commercial International Bank
Type of Services provided
Project Timeline
Status Ongoing
Start Date April 2016
Completion Date June 2022
Overall value
20 billion EGP

A mega infrastructure project, the Suez Canal – Ismailia Tunnels consists of three tunnels: two tunnels for cars and one for the railway. The three tunnels pass under the Suez Canal in the northern part of Ismailia. These tunnels connect Ismailia (the ring road) with the new eastern trade area in Sinai. Constructed at a depth of 60m, the tunnel has two car lanes, each 3.70 meters wide under the radar surveillance. The length of each tunnel is about 6Km from the west of the Canal to the east of Sinai.

The Suez Canal – Ismailia Tunnels ranks third in the world in terms of diameter at 13.20 meters. They are connected with horizontal passages every 500 meters as a safety measure to evacuate people in case of emergencies. Each tunnel has two lanes. Along the tunnels, there are emergency rooms every 250 meters, emergency passages, stairs, and 60cm wide concrete bumpers. Additionally, they are equipped with anti-fire systems, CCTV, advanced led lighting system, and microphones to guide drivers in case of emergencies.

The tunnels will shorten the time for crossing the Suez Canal immensely and facilitate the movement of people and goods. Currently, it can take up to five days, because of the traffic to the ferry, but with the new tunnel connections, it will take only 10 minutes. 

DG Jones and Partners is providing audit services to the Commercial International Bank reviewing the contractor's progress and commercial activities.

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