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Project name
Silicon Park / Dubai Digital Park
Dubai - UAE
Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority
Type of Services provided
Cost Management Consultancy
Project Timeline
Status Completed
Start Date 2015
Completion Date 2021
Overall value
$ 326,975,476

Silicon Park, also widely recognized as Dubai Digital Park, marks a significant advancement in the evolution of smart city projects within Dubai, taking root in the innovative hub of Dubai Silicon Oasis. This groundbreaking project, spanning an impressive 150,000 square meters, is set to pioneer the integration of advanced technological environments in the region.

The project, envisaged to align with the Dubai Government’s strategic vision for smart cities, encompasses a comprehensive array of facilities and living solutions. It is designed around six core pillars that focus on enhancing quality of life, societal benefits, mobility solutions, economic growth, governance, and environmental sustainability. These pillars are foundational to transforming the area into a fully integrated smart city.

At the heart of Dubai Digital Park is an array of residential and commercial spaces. This includes a business hotel with 112 keys and 59 furnished apartments tailored for business travelers and temporary residents. Additionally, the project offers residential apartments suited for longer-term living, providing a blend of luxury and convenience with smart home technologies and high-speed internet connectivity as standard features.

Furthering its appeal to businesses and entrepreneurs, Dubai Digital Park will house a modern business center, equipped with cutting-edge facilities for conferences and corporate events. Surrounding this are numerous offices, including boutique office spaces that offer unique, flexible work environments for startups and established companies alike. This mix of office types ensures that businesses of all sizes can find a space that suits their needs.

The project also focuses on adding value through additional amenities. These include green spaces for relaxation and socialization, retail outlets, restaurants, and cafes, all designed to enhance the living and working experience within the park. The inclusion of advanced infrastructure for electric vehicles, smart lighting, and energy-efficient buildings highlights the project’s commitment to environmental sustainability.

Dubai Digital Park is not just a development project; it is a vision for a future where technology and community come together to create a sustainable, efficient, and thriving urban environment. As one of the first of its kind at Dubai Silicon Oasis, it sets a precedent for future developments in the region and represents a significant step forward in the realization of Dubai’s smart city ambitions.