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Project name
Queen Rania
Amman - Jordan
Queen Rania Teacher Academy
Type of Services provided
Management Services
Project Timeline
Status Completed
Start Date 2016
Completion Date 2018
Overall value
$ 28,000,000

Located in King Hussein Business Park, the Queen Rania Teacher Academy is a prestigious project hosting the Queen Rania Teacher Academy – QRTA organization, which is a national independent non-profit organization. The QRTA is committed to the vision of Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah, by providing teachers with continuous training and professional development., thus empowering them with the necessary skills, recognition, and support to excel in their classrooms.

Constructed on an 8,000 m2 piece of land, the project was implemented on a fast track project, with a total built-up area of around 25,000 m2 in 16 months. The academy includes 4 departments: The executive department, business development department, administration & operations department, and the academic department. The QRTA consists of 2 basements and 3 floors featuring four lecture halls, a lecture theatre, forty classrooms, five computer rooms, three laboratories, a library, two arts & crafts workshops, a crèche, teachers’ canteen & lounge, ten informal workrooms, in addition to an underground parking and services area. DG Jones is provided management services to this project, including construction management and project management throughout its implementation., resulting in an achieved savings of 2.5mJOD in the project’s budget.