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Project name
New York University Abu Dhabi
Abu Dhabi - UAE
Mubadala – Main Project Client
Type of Services provided
Project Timeline
Status Completed
Start Date 2010
Completion Date 2014
ESTIDAMA Community Rating, 2 Pearl

The Saadiyat Island campus of New York University Abu Dhabi is a split-level, pedestrian-oriented network of 29 academic, arts, residential, student life, and research buildings, covering an area of approximately 162,000 m2. Designed by Rafael Viñoly Architects, it combines traditional and modern architectural elements reflecting the University’s three identities: Abu Dhabi, New York, and the world. The offices, areas between indoors and outdoors, connections between buildings, outdoor gathering spaces, and residential living are innovatively arranged to ensure interdisciplinary collaboration among researchers and students, in addition to maintain interaction between living and learning.
It is built to accommodate 2,600 students, and includes the following:

  • Campus Center (47,500m2): Focal point of NYU Abu Dhabi, it serves as a gathering point, and includes a variety of spaces for student life, meeting rooms, lounges, informal study spaces, restaurants, and athletics facilities.
  • Library: Located at the top of Campus Center, it is characterized by its technological sophistication, flexibility, and modernity. 
  • Conference Center: Home of the NYUAD Institute, the building has a 300-seat lecture hall, 180-seat auditorium, meeting rooms, and spacious entrance lobby. 
  • Experimental Research Building – ERB: It includes laboratories organized around multidisciplinary areas of research, extensive core facilities, and instructional labs.
  • Arts Center: Designed by Rafael Viñoly Architects, it is a multi-purpose complex of theaters and performance venues (700-seat theater and 150-seat black-box theater), rehearsals rooms, film editing studios, classrooms, and workshops. 
  • Art Gallery: Located at the entrance to campus, it is equipped for exhibitions in all media.