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Project name
Laguna Bay
Abidjan - Ivory Coast
SCI Laguna Bay
Type of Services provided
Cost Management Consultancy
Project Timeline
Status Completed
Start Date 2019
Completion Date 2023
Overall value
62 Million USD

The project consists of 18 apartment buildings’ blocks, 15 Villas, a club house, a maintenance building, a service building, 2 sport courts, external landscape including gardens and walkways and underground car parks for buildings. The land plot surface area is around 39 000 m2, while the total built up area is estimated at 41 500 m2. DGJ are providing Project and Cost Management Services on this unique gated community project in Abidjan. Throughout the construction phase, DGJ has worked closely with the Client and the Contractor in a joint procurement process for selection and award of named suppliers/ subcontractors to carry out parts of the works within the set project parameters of quality, cost and time. DGJ intervention was crucial in leading the project towards completion by managing and coordinating the project’s communications’ workflow and ensuring that the owner’s objectives are being implemented during construction.