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King Hussein Business Park
Master Plan

Project name
King Hussein Business Park
Master Plan
Amman - Jordan
King Hussein Business Park Company
Type of Services provided
Management Services
Project Timeline
Status Completed
Start Date 2017
Completion Date 2019

Located in West Amman, with easy access to downtown, the King Hussein Business Park is a high-quality landmark mixed-use development. It features office buildings, commercial and retail facilities, an auditorium, a sports complex, and other amenities with an extensive ICT infrastructure. DG Jones and Partner provided design management of King Hussein Business Par, as well as managed the masterplan expansion, architecture, and engineering design works for 5 infill buildings with a total built-up area of 45m2. up to Tendering and Contract award phase.

A Strategic Master Plan Expansion for the existing King Hussein Business Park - Amman that covers over 1.4 million m2 of land, creating over 3.5 million m2 of mixed-use development. DG Jones and Partner also provided Project Management Services, Design Review, Value Engineering services, MP and Infrastructure Assessment.

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