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Project name
EMAAR Square
Cairo - Egypt
Type of Services provided
Cost Management Consultancy
Project Timeline
Status Completed
Start Date May 2016
Completion Date December 2019
Overall value
5.4 billion EGP

Emaar Square, an ambitious 'city within a city' concept nestled within the Uptown Cairo project, emerges as a beacon of luxury living, hospitality, office spaces, entertainment, and retail offerings. This sprawling development, covering an area of 250,000 square meters, is a testament to modern luxury and convenience, comprising:

- Two prestigious hotels, namely Address and Vida, each housed in a tower with Ground plus 18 floors, accompanied by serviced apartments that offer a blend of luxury and home comfort.
- A collection of mixed-use towers, which include 18 buildings each rising to Ground plus 18 floors, alongside another structure that reaches Ground plus 4 floors, integrating living spaces with commercial areas.
- An expansive open shopping mall that presents a diverse retail mix, including a variety of shops, food and beverage outlets, and a cinema, catering to all your shopping and entertainment needs.
- A hypermarket and numerous amenities designed to serve the residents of the luxurious apartment towers, ensuring convenience and accessibility.

The residential area within Emaar Square is home to 1,200 new luxurious residences, each crafted with a keen eye for detail, blending exquisite landscaping with inspired architectural designs to create a living space that is both elegant and comfortable. Adding to this, a newly established business park offers premier office spaces set within classically designed buildings, providing businesses with exclusive amenities. This environment is designed to foster productivity and innovation, while being just steps away from the finest dining options and the exceptional hospitality services of The Address hotel, which features 250 luxurious rooms and serviced residences.

Moreover, the project incorporates a comprehensive common basement floor, equipped with a three-level underground parking facility, designed to alleviate parking challenges and enhance accessibility for residents, guests, and office workers alike.

DG Jones and Partners have played a crucial role in the preliminary phases of this extensive project, providing expert cost management consultancy services during the various design stages. Our involvement has been instrumental in shaping the project's financial and strategic planning, ensuring that Emaar Square not only meets but exceeds the expectations for luxury and functionality in urban development.