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City of Lights, Al Reem Island

An exquisite waterfront community, The City of Lights, located in the centre of Al Reem Island.

Project name
City of Lights, Al Reem Island
Abu Dhabi - UAE
Tamouh Investments – Main Project Client
Type of Services provided
Cost Management Consultancy
Management Services
Project Timeline
Status Completed
Start Date Jul. 2008
Completion Date Feb. 2019
Overall value
Dh 1.55 B

The City of Lights, located in the centre of Al Reem Island, is an exquisite waterfront community, consisting of 60 towers (including 8 commercial and 52 residential buildings) over 566,560 m2, was established by Al Reem, Sorouh and Tamouh Investments. It is a mega property that can accommodate approximately 80,000 residents, featuring signature office and residential towers, commercial spaces, hotels and service suites, marina facilities, parks, amenities and an exquisite waterfront promenade. Each building is an architectural statement, and the towers are situated within on the waterfront pedestrian haven, with interlinked landscaped plazas. DG Jones and Partners provided consultancy for the construction of a five mixed-use towers, including two residential towers with a 6 floors podium (C2 – 29 floors and C3 – 25 floors), as well as two residential and one Office towers with another 8 floors podium (C10, C11 – 28 floors each and C10a – 36 floors).