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Ayia Napa Marina

The ultimate lifestyle resort on the Mediterranean coast.

Project name
Ayia Napa Marina
Ayia Napa - Cyprus
ORA Development
Type of Services provided
Cost Management Consultancy
Project Timeline
Status Completed
Start Date Jan 2018
Completion Date May 2018
Overall value
460 million USD

Nestled along the picturesque coast of the Mediterranean Sea, Ayia Napa Marina stands as a beacon of luxury and unparalleled lifestyle experiences. Masterfully crafted by the renowned Smith Group JJR, this resort seamlessly merges aesthetic allure with world-class functionality. The grandeur of the project is reflected in its 220 opulent apartments housed in two uniquely spiral-designed towers. Additionally, there are 35 meticulously curated villas that offer breathtaking seafront views, setting a new benchmark for luxury living.

At the heart of the Marina is the exceptional Ayia Napa Berth. It's not just any berth but a comprehensive boating haven with a capacity to accommodate 600 berths in both wet and dry storage. This makes it one of the most expansive and sought-after boat storage facilities in Cyprus.

Beyond its architectural marvels, Ayia Napa Marina promises an elite lifestyle experience. It boasts an array of top-notch amenities including upscale retail boutiques, waterfront dining venues, two elite beach clubs, and a yacht club exuding maritime luxury. The sheer variety of recreational and leisure activities ensures residents and visitors are always engaged and entertained.

Our firm, DG Jones and Partners, has been integral to the Ayia Napa Marina project's success. As a leading cost management consultancy, we brought our expertise to bear, overseeing vital aspects of the project. Our responsibilities encompassed the preparation of the Bills of Quantities and meticulously assessing the Value Engineering opportunities during the crucial pre-contract phase. It was our diligent financial oversight and consultancy that ensured not just the viability but also the excellence of this iconic project. We are proud to have been a part of shaping this landmark that redefines luxury in Cyprus.