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General manager: Mario Chamoun
The Iraq Office was first established in Baghdad in 1977, offering a full range of cost management, construction cost consultancy, project management, and training services. Our operation has extended to Erbil and we continue to maintain a presence there.

Over the years in Iraq, the practice has developed an extensive knowledge of the local market and conditions. We draw upon this detailed knowledge to ensure that we give competent advice on construction costs, contractual conditions, and local laws. We also manage the entire project life cycle from inception to close-out.

We operate within all sectors of the construction industry either as an independent consultant or as part of an integrated team. The practice works for a wide client base, which includes the various Ministries, Armed Forces, General Petroleum Corporation, hotel companies, Financial Institutions, and other foreign companies.
Our list of projects ranges from minor refurbishment projects to some of the largest construction projects in the country, such as Baghdad Airport, Baghdad University, the Al Rashid Hotel, and other high-profile projects.


  • Cost management
  • Construction cost consultancy
  • Project management
  • Contract administration
  • Value engineering
  • Arbitration
  • Expert witness
  • Project auditing for lending banks

ISO 9001 Quality Management