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by Mohammad Halabi
General Manager
DG Jones And Partners - Egypt

‘’Mivida’’ is one of three major developments by EMAAR in Egypt. A mixed-use complex spread over an approximately 3.7 million square meter plot. Located on the edge of New Cairo, with close proximity to the American University of Cairo and directly on 90 Street, the major New Cairo artery.

Mivida includes several residential villages – both villas and luxury apartment blocks. With a major central park area, it also includes a large office park, schools, a major shopping mall, and sports complexes. Many packages are already finished and occupied, and construction works for others is still in progress.

The main theme of Mivida is ‘Live Green’ with a 33-acre central park and extensive greenery within the various packages. A serious attempt at an ‘Eco-sustainable’ development through the utilization of solar technology water saving methods.

Our scope is post-contract commercial management with a contract signed for three years. The services will be provided by a senior Cost Manager leading a team of six QSs, document control, and admin. Our Post Contract services Team Leader Mr. Tarek Khamisy will be leading the Project.

The packages that our team will handle include:

  • The Mivida Boulevard with 200,000m² BUA of residential and commercial areas.
  • The central park ‘Water Body’ with @40,000m² of F&B outlets and recreational areas.
  • The Mivida Mall with a BUA of @108,000m².
  • Mivida Sports Club on an area of 8,000m² of sports facilities.