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DG Jones Contribution to Rebuilding Beirut

by Tony Abboud
Director, Head of Project Management Department
DG Jones And Partners - Lebanon

On the 4th of August 2020 a massive explosion in the Port of Beirut caused extensive damage to the surrounding buildings. DG Jones and Partners was involved in different ways in the reconstruction of Beirut.

Some of our clients such as Solidere, asked us to assess the damages in their properties. DG Jones and Partners inspected the related buildings and prepared the required reports covering structural, architectural and electro-mechanical damages. We issued thirty-five Damages Assessment Reports for different clients. Those reports were used as a basis of their compensation claims against insurance companies. Our team also inspected various types of buildings in the process, such as schools, commercial & residential, hospital, museum and recreational buildings.

The Damages Assessment Reports were prepared using the ARCHIBUS Condition Assessment, with Konstratek. This web-based Archibus module provides an objective, dynamic process for evaluating physical assets to help substantiate corrective action, based on risk mitigation and operational priorities. A set of tailored reports were developed for this mission and submitted to our clients and stakeholders. Including the BoQ generation and Item by Item report with Photos and annotation on the photos.

This tailored report can be used for a wide range of business functionalities e.g. snagging list for construction etc.

In addition, DG Jones and Partners Lebanon was also contracted to provide full Project Management (PM) Services for two commercial damaged buildings and the Nicolas Sursock Museum. The related PM services will take between 6 and 9 months to complete.

In accordance with our Corporate Social Responsibility Policy, we aimed to positively impact the community we work with in Beirut by contributing to the reconstruction of the city. We contributed in-kind by providing free consultancy services and prepared Damage Assessment Reports to institutions that were severely damaged in the Beirut Port explosion, including the Beirut Annunciation Orthodox College (BAC), Ecoles des Trois Docteurs, Zahret El-Ihsan and the Orthodox Archdiocese of Beirut. We also contributed in-cash by organizing a fundraising campaign among its staff in our Lebanon office.