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Document control

Course Description

Document Control is a document management profession whose purpose is to enforce controlled processes and practices for the creation, review, modification, issuance, distribution and accessibility of documents.

The document control procedure describes the structure of all document types within the QMS and so is the first building block in the design of QMS documentation. The document control procedure addresses the following: Review and approval of documents for adequacy prior to issue.

Document control systems play an important role in identity and access management, by protecting sensitive documents from exposure to the wrong parties. They should also support simplified access when needed by allowing authorized parties to quickly search, find, and retrieve archived and active documents.

This course gives a robust foundation for the profession and explains all the tasks and responsibilities. It goes through all the components, the core expert topics and daily activities of the profession. It also defines the scope, the boundaries and the ethics of the profession.

  • What is Document Control
  • The Role of the Document Controller 
  • Types of Documents 
  • Document Processes 
  • Checking Documents 
  • Traceability Requirements 
  • Document Numbering 
  • Revision Control 
  • Document Register 
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