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Autodesk AutoCAD

Course Description

This in-depth course is designed to provide a comprehensive overview of the key drafting and design principles that underpin successful CAD (Computer-Aided Design) projects. One of the key areas of focus will be drawing techniques, with an emphasis on creating, modifying, and organizing various objects with the help of accuracy-enhancing tools.

Moreover, annotation techniques, which play a crucial role in conveying additional information or clarifying design intent in a CAD project, will also be thoroughly explored. Similarly, the course will provide detailed insights into the creation and use of reusable content such as blocks and groups. These can save substantial time and effort in a CAD project, particularly in the case of elements that are repeated throughout a design.

Another critical aspect of CAD that the course will delve into is layer management. Knowing how to effectively work with layers can greatly simplify a project space, making it more manageable and efficient. Additionally, the course will cover plotting layouts and managing the overall workflow, two essential skills for executing a CAD project successfully.

In the current landscape of design and construction, AutoCAD is continually evolving to meet the dynamic needs of the industry. As 3D printing and prototyping become increasingly prevalent, AutoCAD has introduced a new upgrade to enhance its 3D tools and capabilities.

In recognition of this trend, this course will also provide a solid foundation in the basics of the 3D interface of AutoCAD. Understanding and effectively utilizing this interface is crucial for anyone looking to leverage the power of AutoCAD's 3D capabilities. This comprehensive approach ensures that course participants are well-equipped to thrive in the ever-evolving CAD environment.




Draw and edit objects, manage layers, apply object snaps, use advanced editing functions, and draw accurately using the User Coordinate System.
Create and manage your layouts, outputs, and printings.
Use annotation techniques such as markup tools, hatch, and fill, multileader, and dimensioning.
Perform drawing management techniques, use blocks for efficiency, and control external reference and underlay files
Convert 2D elements into 3D objects 




Learning concepts / presentations
Group discussions and interactions to foster active learning and critical thinking
Individual and Team exercises to encourage teamwork and learning outcomes
Case studies review to learn about the latest technologies and trends 
Action plan to ensure application of the learning 




Quantity Surveyors




The training topics will run as VILT (virtual instructor led training) via Microsoft Teams


An Introduction to the Fundamentals of AutoCAD

Techniques for Creating and Modifying Drawings (Including Lines, Circles, Arcs, and More)

Understanding and Using Status Bar Toggles (Grid, Snap, Polar, etc.)

Mastering Drawing Tools (Including Rectangular, Array, Polar Array, and More)

Exploring Drawing Properties: Enhancing the Details of Your Design

Employing Hatch and Gradient Techniques for Texture and Shading

Managing Drawings Effectively with Layering Techniques

Dimensioning and Annotation: Communicating Details Clearly

Working with Text: Adding Context to Your Drawings

Utilizing Blocks and Groups for Efficient Design CreationCreating and Modifying Attributes: Adding Essential Information to Your Design

Using Parametric Features: Implementing Dimensional and Geometric Constraints

The Power of Dynamic Blocks: Boosting Flexibility in Design

Layout Printing: Bringing Your Digital Designs to the Physical World

Practical Application: Hands-on Practice to Reinforce Learned Concepts

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