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Since 1962 to New Horizons

DG Jones and Partners celebrated an impressive six decades of successful business operations with a sumptuous gala dinner at the distinguished Parklane Resort & Spa in Limassol. This significant event was honored by the attendance of the company's board directors, co-directors, and shareholders, from every continent where DG Jones and Partners have established their footprint. Notably, foreign ambassadors residing in Cyprus, several government officials, numerous local representatives, and prominent business leaders were also in attendance.

The successful voyage of DG Jones and Partners began in the year 1962 when the company was founded by Donald G. Jones, who had a clear and ambitious vision in mind. He aspired to provide clients worldwide with affordable solutions for their construction needs. Founded on this potent vision, the company experienced swift global expansion, continuously diversifying and innovating to cater to the dynamic needs of the market.

Throughout the past 60 years, our skilled and adaptable team has served as the cornerstone of support for our clients, assisting them in successfully delivering high-quality built asset projects across more than 70 countries. Throughout this remarkable journey, we have consistently contributed value at each stage of a project, from the initial idea to its final completion.

Even amidst the company's growth and diversification, the fundamental ethos of our company, our vision and mission statement, has remained resolute. We have shown a steadfast commitment to conducting our business in a fair and professional way, maintaining the highest standards of ethical conduct. As we have evolved and grown in response to the changing global landscape, we have ensured that these foundational values are never compromised.

As we set our sights on the future, we continue to push towards new boundaries and prospects, never letting go of our foundational principles. We have a strong belief in the limitless potential of tomorrow and are enthusiastically looking forward to uncovering new opportunities that lie ahead.