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Is a Construction Operations Manager the Same as a Construction Manager?

Is a Construction Operations Manager the Same as a Construction Manager?

Ever wondered about the differences between a construction operations manager and a construction manager? Today, we’ll examine each of these distinct yet related roles in construction management to help you understand which kind of manager your project needs. 

Understanding Construction Management Roles

Construction Manager Roles

Certified construction managers, also referred to as CCMs, play a critical role in overseeing the construction phase of projects. They regularly grapple with challenges related to risk management, compliance issues, and oversight, ensuring that every detail aligns seamlessly with the project's objectives. Their daily workload involves a myriad of tasks such as resource allocation, managing on-site activities, and resolving any legal battles that may arise, maintaining the delicate balance between envisioned plans and unfolding realities. It’s about bringing the vision to life while navigating the turbulent and intricate seas of the construction industry. 

Construction Operations Manager Roles

A construction operations manager, on the other hand, is more concerned with the execution of each specific step of the construction process. These are the experts overseeing the day-to-day operations of construction projects, ensuring everything runs like a well-oiled machine. Their realm is the operational aspects, orchestrating the planning, organizing, and coordination of construction operations so that every process is conducted efficiently and effectively. Operations management is about creating a symphony of seamless operations, paving the way for smooth sailing in construction ventures. 

Certification and Qualification Comparison

Construction Manager Qualifications

Obtaining the Certified Construction Manager credential is a distinguished achievement in construction management, serving as a testament to one's extensive knowledge and experience in the field. The journey to this certification involves rigorous education, comprehensive training in construction principles, project management, and risk mitigation, and passing stringent examinations to demonstrate proficiency. 

Construction Operations Manager Qualifications

While no less rigorous, construction operations manager training is more focused on job site experience than legal or financial intricacies, requiring a blend of formal education, professional training, and practical experience in construction science, operational planning, and process management. They must master the coordination and supervision of all operational elements to ensure smooth progression and realization of construction projects, adhering to quality standards and project objectives. 

Choosing the Right Manager for Your Project

When delving into how each role intertwines with different stages of a construction project, the nuances become pivotal. Both construction managers and construction operations managers play crucial roles in guiding construction projects to success, with distinct paths involving dedicated learning, hands-on experience, and continuous skill refinement to ensure the seamless integration of every project component from start to finish. 

Choosing the right professional between a construction manager and a construction operations manager is more than just filling a role — it’s a strategic move with far-reaching implications on timelines and the long-term success of your operations. It’s about aligning the pillars of management to provide the best outcomes for each new project. 

DG Jones & Partners

Construction managers and construction operations managers play unique, pivotal roles in the construction industry, each bringing their flavor of expertise to the table. When considering a manager for your next project, things like your needs, expectations, and the size of your project all play a role in determining which expert will be the best fit.

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