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Professional Business English Writing Skills

Course Description

Business writing is a particular form of communication specifically tailored for the professional sphere. It encapsulates a wide array of written materials, including but not limited to, client proposals, business reports, internal memos, professional emails, and a variety of notices. All of these are governed by a central tenet: to convey important information in a clear, concise, and effective manner.

Such writing is intentional and purpose-driven, often seeking to deliver critical information, propose ideas, or relay decisions, always keeping the recipient's needs and context in mind. This type of communication needs to be precise and unambiguous to prevent misunderstandings, which can have significant implications in a business setting.

Proficiency in business writing, therefore, is a crucial skill in today's professional landscape. It not only allows individuals to communicate their thoughts and ideas effectively but also adds to their personal credibility and the overall image of the organization they are part of. Skillful business writing can contribute significantly to successful and effective workplace communication.

With this in mind, this comprehensive workshop is designed to equip participants with the skills and techniques needed to excel in business communication. The emphasis is on mastering powerful and efficient writing techniques that can help in the creation of clear, concise, and impactful business documents.

Throughout the course, participants will gain a deep understanding of the principles of effective business writing and how to apply them in various contexts. They will also have the opportunity to practice these skills, receiving feedback to hone their writing further.

By the end of the workshop, participants will have a robust set of tools and techniques at their disposal to enhance their business communication skills, enabling them to write with greater confidence and precision in their professional roles.




Write effective business communication based on industry and position
Improve the use of words, sentences, and paragraphs 
Write better emails 
Edit and proofread business documents 
Make written communication visually appealing 
Our instructor graduated from Cambridge University where she studied English. She trains professional business writing from a practical standpoint, whereby she has trained and followed through with more than 2500+ individuals trained for this one topic, as she has trained almost 14,000 participants throughout her career.
The training topics will run as VILT (virtual instructor led training) via Microsoft Teams. 


May 2024: 9, 16, 23, 30
Time: 2:00-5:00 PM (Beirut Time)


From Basic English to Business English: Understanding the Rules

Translating Language into Content: Guidelines for Effective Writing

Exploring Communication: Diverse Methods and Types in Business Context

Navigating Business Jargon: A Look at Commonly Used Terminology

Decoding Business Language: An Introduction to Common Abbreviations in Business

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