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Guidelines for Reviewing a Program of Works (POW)

Course Description

This workshop’s aim is to assist Project Managers & planners as guidelines for reviewing, managing and monitoring their construction projects.

The objective is to help educate and train Project Managers on how to read and understand a Primavera Time Schedule and how to review a baseline program of works and updates using Primavera with minimum feedback from head office planning department.


  • Project Start,  Completion Dates and Milestones
  • Activity Calendar'(s)  (Working & Non-Working Days)
  • Durations of Submittals & Approvals
  • Level of details of Engineering Activities (Shop drawings)
  • Level of Details of Procurement Activities (Submittals, Approval, PO, Delivery ...)
  • Open Ended Activities
  • Constraints used in schedule
  • Total Float
  • Resource Loading 
  • Cost Loading 
  • Logic/Sequence of Work
  • WBS
  • Activity durations (Construction activities not longer than 30 days)
  • Long Lead Items Delivery Durations
  • Critical Path 
  • Lags
  • Review Monthly Updates
  • Dashboard Reporting & Check the impact on variation and daily event
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