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Course Description

CostX is essentially an all-in-one streamlined software for Quantity Surveyors. It measures, costs, and ties the two of them together with ease and automation.

This course provides a descriptive overview of the key functions of CostX® and the principles of measurement and workbook structure involved in using CostX®. 


  • Structured Introductory and Advanced training modules 
  • The Introductory Course concentrates on the import and manipulation of 2D CAD and alternate drawing files and use of the CostX® measurement tools
  • It also covers initial project setup, and, dependent upon the version of CostX® being used
  • Introduces workbooks, rate libraries, reports and 3D files 
  • Advanced modules look at Revisioning (design change updates) 
  • Subcontractor Comparisons
  • Workbook Tools (zoning for functional areas, advanced rate libraries, sorting by multiple codes)
  • 3D Measurement including automatic quantities generation from 3D BIM models (CostX®only).
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