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Course Description

Candy is a project control and construction estimating software designed to help businesses in the construction industry manage project pricing and planning, quantity take-off and controlling at site level.

  • Define Estimation, as a well-structured process/task, that can be reviewed, modified, and produce useful summaries of its built-up
  • Introduction to Candy Software.
  • Comparing Candy to Excel Worksheet pricing.
  • Importance of disciplined coding for Trades, Prices, Resources.
  • Bill Importing from Excel.
  • Explaining Levels Grouping.
  • Building the Collection Setup Sheet for the BOQ.
  • Pricing as plug rates similar to Excel, to be avoided
  • Pricing into Worksheets, using resources.
  • Building up a library of resources divided into CSI trades.
  • Having a Master Candy Project, to be used as Master Library.
  • How to import from Master Project/ Library.
  • Reports that can be produced & exported to Excel & PDF.
  • Analysis of the produced Top sheets regarding Mat/Lab/Plant.. breakdown in addition to distribution along Trades per m2 of BUA.
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